A Life of Photography

canvas framed photograph of White Rock Pier in the snow

It's hard for me to imagine my life without photography in it. I have been taking photographs for as long as I can remember. It's in my blood. I look at the world through the lens so much that even when I don't have my camera with me, I'm still framing shots and seeing colours and textures everywhere. Subject matter is all around me and I become lost in the process of imagining how a scene would look as a finished photograph. I can't walk down the street at the moment without wanting to get down on my hands and knees and examine the Autumn scenery from a snail's point of view - the leaves all strewn across the sidewalk, the colours blanketing the path. It's all so amazing and all so exciting that I have tangible moments of regret when I have to pass on by because I'm actually in the process of doing something else. Do you ever feel like that about your work? Where every moment is consumed with a new quest to discover some hidden gem? If so, you'll know what I mean!

Photography is a wonderful tool for grabbing moments in time and making art out of each one. Individual slivers of time, frozen and framed. I've taken photos of places and things, then revisited at a different time and what I saw before has changed, morphed, moved, grown, aged, weathered or simply disappeared. Photography is magic, because of this - how something or someone appears in a specific photo will be unlike any other photo of the exact same subject. There will always be a difference - the lighting, the subject alters as I mentioned, the weather, your mood as the photographer, your choice of photographic style and technique. I find this is where the true art of photography blossoms - those tiny changes that make each photo as unique as a fingerprint. There may be billions of photos out there and there may be repetition upon repetition of theme, subject, light, colour, texture, composition, angle and all other aspects of the picture making process, but put even a few of the most similar images together and there will always be a difference - a marvellous, inexplicable, magical difference. Don't you love that?

So now, as I launch this new website and new adventure, I find myself challenged to seek out more unusual and interesting photo ideas. I also find I am setting the quality bar a lot higher than in all the years that I used photography as a purpose-driven tool for my work as a graphic designer. I want to be good enough to have images selected for publication - like my Sulking Tulips - and I want to produce images of such a high quality that they can be sold through high-end stock libraries. I want fellow adventurers to seek me out to help them capture a moment of their outdoor play time. I want to collect my images into beautiful books that can be a special gift for a special person. I want to help others learn to enjoy photography the way I do. I want to see my photos hanging as framed artwork or as canvas prints on the walls of galleries and collected as part of someone's idea of tasteful decor. So the bar is set high and I must reach it. This adventure will be worth it in the end as I discover more of my life through photography.

Thank you for visiting my website today, please use the contact form if you have anything you want to chat to me about.

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