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Making Creative Change Happen - How radically altering my life has opened the door to abundant creativity

A little over a year ago, my work situation looked pretty stagnant. I dreamed of a space of my own and a place to peacefully engage my creativity. Our home, and consequently, my home studio situation was not great. Living in a busy town home development with noise all around me, I felt my creativity withering away from the barrage of space demands, noisy interruptions and the endless pressures of a busy city life. A change of perspective and a holiday galvanised me to embrace a change for the better.

Introducing Authentic Creativity - The Book

Authentic Creativity Book in trade paperback

I have recently completed the self-publishing of my first book, entitled Authentic Creativity - How to Make the Most of Your Creative Intent, Strategy and Perspective. It has occupied the majority of my time over the past year and been a labor of love with many learning curves. I am proud and terrified all at the same time! It gives me great pleasure to bring it to my fellow visual artists and those interested in the visual arts as a work, or casual pursuit.

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